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  • The Inclusion/Exclusion Policy outlines the criteria for the Agencies that can be included in the Iowa AIRS 211 database. Resource staff will review new Agency requests to ensure they meet these criteria. Click Here
  • Iowa/Nebraska 211 database consists of non-profit, community services, and governmental agencies that provide health and human service programs to residents of Iowa and Nebraska.

    Agencies can apply for their programs to be listed in this database, but first must meet the requirements and criteria of the Inclusion/Exclusion Policy. Each application request form that is submitted is reviewed for compliance with requirements and inclusion criteria.

    Agencies who join the database, must keep 211 informed of service changes (e.g. services provided, contact information, intake procedures, and eligibility requirements(s). An annual request for information review and update will be sent to each agency’s administrative contact.

    How To Complete An Application For Your Agency

    Step 1

    Check to see if your agency is already listed in our database.

    Step 2

    Review the Inclusion/Exclusion Policy to see if you meet the requirements and criteria.

    Step 3

    Complete the Agency, Site, and Program application forms.

    A note of explanation regarding how we store information:

    Agency records contain information about your overall organization. Site records focus their information on the actual locations where you deliver your services (complete a site form for each of your locations).
    Program records are about the services you deliver (complete a program form for each service provided by your Agency).

    Click here for the application

  • If your Agency is in the Iowa 211 database and you would like to update your information, please contact your 211 Center. To speak with a Resource staff person, contact the 211 Center that serves your area.

    Annual updates are sent out to each agency listed in the 211 database to be reviewed and updated. 211 encourages agencies to contact them throughout the year with updated information so accurate information can be provided to the callers.